It's a Fact, You Planted a Tree!

Here is a wooden wick fact we can all get excited about; for every $100 our customers spend on our products, we will plant one tree through Trees for the Future.

If you are like us, you might be thinking “how nice, we can help make the world a little greener” while that is true, planting trees does make the world a little bit greener, what we did not realize at first glance was the true significance of what this simple gesture can help accomplish.  Planting trees through Trees for the Future is changing people’s lives forever.   

Trees for the Future currently has 14 projects underway in five countries.  Through their Forest Garden Program of planting specific types of trees and crops in a systematic manner, families are provided with sustainable food sources, livestock feed, products to sell, fuel wood and up to a 500% increase in their annual income.

When you plant trees through Trees for the Future:

  • You create educational opportunities for children.
  • You empower women.
  • You build strong communities.
  • You permanently increase the income of poor farmers.
  • You help families to feed themselves.
  • You provide permanent and seasonal employment.
  • You provide fuel wood so villagers don’t need to cut down trees.
  • You create fodder to feed livestock.
  • You give the world a way to end the battle between farms and forests to revitalize and improve soil quality.
  • You reverse environmental degradation, restore biodiversity and remove megatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
  • You change people’s lives for the better.  Forever.

  • Go You!! Give back now!

    Learn more about Trees for the Future! Visit their site here.

    We also invite you to watch 50 Million Trees and Counting; this 8 minute video highlights the work of Dave Deppner and Trees for the Future. Communities around the world turn to Trees for the Future for technical knowledge and planting materials so that they can bring degraded lands and struggling farmlands back to sustainable productivity. Since 1988, Trees for the Future has helped thousands of communities in Central America, Africa, and Asia improve their livelihoods and their environment by planting nearly 80 million trees in agroforestry and reforestation projects.

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