Wick Companion Guide

Metric Unit:
Type of Wax:
Vessel Diameter:

Width is based on the widest part of the vessel

Vessel Height:

We recommend ordering wicks to match the height of your candle vessel. The wick should be trimmed to 3/16" above the wax once it is cooled.

Click to see suggestions: The Original Wick | .020" T | 1/4” W | 1" H

Please note that for wider or taller vessels the size of the wick may need to be customized to achieve optimal performance. For candles with high fragrance and dye loads, the wick may need a thicker wick. Customize My Wick.

We recommend you test these wicks initially based on the candle specs you provided. We cannot guarantee the level of performance in your candle product since factors, such as; wax, dye, fragrance, fragrance load, and container size all affect the levels of crackle and burn performance of wooden wicks in your candle. We suggest purchasing a sample kit that includes all our wick types and sizes for your testing to determine the ultimate wick for you candle.

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Metric Unit: