Why Wooden Wicks?

If you are looking to create a candle that is unique and special, we think wooden wicks are the perfect place to start!  Wooden Wicks create a modern appeal, and offer an intriguing visual aesthetic along with the soft crackling sound wood wicks are known for.   Wooden Wicks also:  

  • Create a fast burn pool for excellent hot throw
  • Do not mushroom and have little carbon buildup, debris, or sooting
  • Are rigid and require no straightening or wick bars
  • Can be used in all wax types
  • Can be used in container, pillar, and votive candles
  • Are sourced and manufactured in the USA
  • Can be customized to meet your needs
  • Are easier to use than cotton wicks
  Available in sizes to fit most any candle project (and if not we can custom make them for you), wooden wicks will be your go-to candle component and will leave you wondering why weren’t you using them sooner!  Be on the lookout for all of the amazing candle making supplies that we will be adding to our website on an ongoing basis.   Want to start experimenting with Wooden Wicks? Purchase a Sample Kit today!

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